Lent 2022

So, Lent is here again. I haven’t been that intentional for Lent the last couple of years. I tried in 2019 and didn’t do that great. There have been some stressors that get in the way … or pull on my self-will a bunch.

But, need some of the results from this so putting more things in place to help out.

Give Ups – The Usual Suspects –

  • abstain from purchased prepared coffee
  • abstain from eating in the car – one except when I’m on a road trip that’s more than an hour long.
  • abstain from everything sold in a convenience store except diet soda.
  • no eating out alone
  • abstain from purchasing anything that lasts more than one year. two exceptions- something I have to buy for the business that can’t wait and things needed for the farm.

The New Give Up –

  • Abstain from simple carbs – think sugar, potatoes, rice, grains, etc.
  • Add nothing to my coffee – black or nothing.

Take Ons –

  • Exercise 30 minutes six days a week.
  • “Close the rings” daily.
  • Track Food
  • Do everything instructed in the Relish Program
  • Put one thing into a goodwill box in my closet every day and deliver the box on Easter.

I’m thinking that’s it.  Now to do it.